Honda CS1 (City Sport) Review and Pictures

12:37 AM

2011 Honda CS1 (City Sport) Review and Picture fron view picture
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Honda has long been launched Honda CS1 (City Sport), but at the launchat this year’s Honda CS1 (City Sport) experienced little change, not much inthe modification of the Honda CS1 (City Sport), Honda CS1 (City Sport)still carrying the concept of sports bike, with 4 stroke engines and capable of driving up to high speed 115 km / hour and with 11 300 rpm, with a 125cc motorcycle engine is very fuel efficient.
2011 Honda CS1 (City Sport) Review and Picture behind view picture
Honda is the king of economy, past and present people familiar with  economy Honda fuel, therefore it is still believed to be one of the best products  in Indonesia, and competing with Yamaha is also trying to create a product that could be favored Indonesian society.


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